Tuesday, June 21, 2011

 The Girls...
  Hayleigh finished her first season playing coach pitch/ T-ball in May.  She was SO VERY EXCITED to play!  She has been wanting to play for a very long time.  Finally we felt that we could handle the juggling of our schedules to fit in this opportunity for Hayleigh.  She had a wonderful coach!  Coach Kasey goes to our church and as he calls himself "A Jesus Freak" - so every game & practice started and ended in prayer:)  We loved it!   The season is now over and she's not doing extra curricular activity right now - and that's ok! :)

Maylynn finished her first year of preschool in May.  She went to Young Years in Kennewick and she LOVED it!!  Mrs. Yaden was her small group teacher...  I missed the last day of preschool program & picnic b/c i was in Vancouver with TV...but i heard that she did a wonderful job of singing out LOUD!  She loves to be heard!!

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