Friday, October 15, 2010

October is Birthday Central!!

We have 4 bdays in our family in 7 days! - here's the order but was not necesarily celebrated in order:)

First up was my Bday - i won't say how old i turned. But i'll just say that next year is a BIG one and so Lance did a great job surprising me this year by getting some friends together for lunch! He's a keeper! And it meant alot to me to have some good friends get together and visit:)
Next up was Brayden's bday - he turned 12! Yikes - next year we'll have another teenager in the house!! He didn't have a party but he did invite a couple of friends to go to dinner with us and then to a movie. Then he celebrated with the family. Then on his actual day - he celebrated with us! He was excited to get an ipod touch (4gen) - it's cool (i want one now - i have the very first ipod touch) he can take video, skype, take pics etc... he also got an electric scooter like TV and also an electric guitar (which he hasn't played yet but insisted that he REALLY wanted it - i think he's a bit intimidated cuz his big bro plays so well) we need to get him taking lessons - just haven't had a chance to schedule that yet...
Then Grandpa B. had a bday and retirement celebration! He was super excited that the whole family went in together to get him an ipad - we are trying to get him caught up with mondern technology;) Since both gma B and gpaB are retired - they are planning on traveling alot. They are actually traveling today to meet his son that he just very recently came in contact with after about 35 yrs. It was a wonderful surprise to have Dave Jr. call him on Sept.8th. We all had always hoped and prayed that we would someday find him and meet him - he found us! What a wonderful blessing! I can't wait to hear about their trip!
Then Grandma V. had a bday - we celebrated with her at IHOP - yummo!! Love their pumpkin pancakes:)
Whew! We are done with the bday's for a few weeks - so glad - I'm partied out!

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