Friday, October 15, 2010

Hockey season has begun!

Unfortunately, i haven't seen any games yet so i don't have any pictures of him in action yet and it's killing me! I love watching TV play!! This year he is playing for Kent Valley Rainiers Bantam AAA Tier 1 team. He played for this team last year but this year we have a new coach and we are really excited about that! This is the FIRST year TV has been coached by a REAL coach and not a dad! This year TV also has to wear dress clothes to the rink for games - so, after spending another small fortune on "nice" clothes Lance had to teach him how to tie a tie. It was one of those "father/son" moments and of course I had to catch the moment - my camera settings were not the greatest b/c i quickly wanted to snap a few shots before it was too late:)

Last weekend the team had a tourney in Richmond BC (most all games are in Canada) The team got off to a slow start but quickly came together as a team - after losing the first 2 games they won the last 3 and took 3rd place in the tourney.

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