Monday, August 23, 2010

Potholes & Moses Lake Waterpark

We ended July at the Moses Lake Waterpark - the kids had a great time but i was surprised that they didn't want to stay longer than we did... I bet if they had a friend with them, then they'd want to spend more time there. But it was just enough time to enjoy it and then head over to our camping spot...

So, we started August at Potholes State Park. It is a nice state park - all grass at the camping spots, a park, and boat dock etc... We had to tent camp this year! But - it was okay with me because our friends (the Elsassser's) that we were camping with had a nice motorhome that we could use to wash dishes & do a bit of cooking etc... and they saved us too with a nice big tent! We had planned on using 2 smaller tents for the 6 of us - but really only 2 people could fit in each tent. So, the boys had their little tent and the girls and us had the big one - not sure what kind of weekend it would've been if we didn't have the big tent!

We really enjoyed our time! We had delicious food, a charcoal camp fire to make smores (no wood fires were allowed), fun times on the lake which included boating, jet skiig, swimming & fishing! Great memories!!

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Mara said...

Glad you guys had a fun time! Sorry we missed it!