Friday, August 13, 2010

Brayden's Tri City Channel Cat Season #1 is over...

Brayden's 6th place medal & 10th place ribbon at the IE Long Course Championships for breaststroke.

Brayden's ribbons and medals from this past years meets

Brayden's first competitive swimming season ended July 31st. This was a fun and eye opening year for us in learning all about swim team stuff! I still don't think that we know EVERYTHING! But we got our feet wet (no pun intended - hehe).

I think that he's going to do it again next year - i sure hope so! We just love watching him swim - i think that he has a natural talent for swimming and the perfect body composition.

By the end of the season, he finally would go to a meet without a nervous tummy and OH BOY was that fun in helping him to get through the nerves! It helped alot for him to have his buddy Jeff join up with him for the last half of the season - we did too, we really enjoy the sitting at the meets ALL day with friends - it makes the time go by faster. There's nothing like getting at the pool at 7am and then waiting for 3-4 hrs. later for his 30 sec race and then wait another hr for another min. in the pool etc... It can make for LOOOONNNNGGGG days but it's funner with friends:)

Anyway, through out the years meets you can qualify to race in the championship race at the end of the season if you have certain qualifying times (we didn't find this out until June - a little late but oh well - it would've given him a goal to aim for). However, he did qualify for 4 events - 50 breast, 100 breast, 100 freestyle & 50 back. Since they didn't offer all of those events on the same day and we didn't want to spend 4 days at the meet - he raced in the first 3 over 2 days. Each race had a preliminary event and if you finished in the top 16 then you got to come back later in the day to race in the final event for a medal (in heat A: top 8 swimmers) or a ribbon (in heat B: next top 8 swimmers). I won't go into detail on everyrace but we were super proud of him in what he accomplished and i think he learned alot on what to do differently for next year (i know that we did). He finished the meet with a 6th place medal in the 100 breast and a 10th place ribbon in the 50 breast. He had personal best times in both those events - his favorite!

Now he/we have a month off and then it's back to the pool in September!

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Sue said...

Nice job Brayden!!