Saturday, June 26, 2010

Global Showcase - Las Vegas - 2010

Taylor was invited to participate at the Global Showcase in Las Vegas. It proved to be a great experience for him. Not only did he get to play hockey, but him & Lance also learned ALOT about what could be in the future for him.

In addition to other highly skilled hockey players of his age that were there, there was also a good number of whl, Jr. teams, ushl & college scouts watching. From what i've heard Taylor did a great job playing his game on a team of kids that he's NEVER met or played with before. He scored & assisted many goals. We hardly ever take video, but Lance did take some for me this past week, so, I put some of his goals, assists & breakaway on a short 2 min. video...

When Taylor was off the ice, they attended several seminars which included: Strength & conditioning, NCAA Scholarship Opportunities and Academic Qualifications, Hockey Stepping Stones (NCAA eligibility), Nutrition, Here's What we Look For (NCAA, WHL & Jr. reps talk about thier scouting routines), Opportunities in Jr. Hockey, and USA Hockey's National Team Development Program. He has come home with alot of awesome information that he can use now for his off ice training and conditioning for the upcoming season. And, a better grasp on what may be in the future for him... I think all along he's had the desire to play in the WHL (that's the league of the Tri-City Americans) - it's "COOL" to be drafted! ;) And, yes, while it's cool to be drafted - this may not be the best thing for him... for an American born player to be drafted to the WHL, once you have stepped on the ice or have recieved ANYTHING from a whl (or the likes) then you immediately become ineligible to play hockey at the college level. And, once you are drafted and do commit or whatever to a team like that, you can EASILY be traded and traded and traded - never really know where you will end up if anywhere (for an American, this may not be the best thing) It's a different story for Canadians - sad isn't it,they can still play college hockey if they want too... Anyway, He was told that if he didn't have good grades or any potential of making it into college academically then the WHL would definately be the route to go... However, Taylor has very good grades (so far:)) and is a great hockey player. He has enormous potential of getting a full hockey scholarship if he continues the grades & hard work on the ice and then can continue his dream of making it to the NHL (with an education)

So... now what?? Well... we are not exactly sure - we are definately leaving it up to God to guide us and direct us as a family as to what the best thing for him to do is. Just recently Taylor has committed another year at Kent Valley a AAA tier 1 team. They have hired a new and very experienced coach and feel that God had directed us back there again this year (although, last year was very rocky). After the information we got at global we feel confident that this was a good direction. Coach Lloyd Degelman has many years experience with coaching and moving kids onto the next level. After next year, we are not sure what he'll do... some possiblities are: U16 team, or a Jr hockey team (Wenatchee Wild, etc.) - we'll just see what God has planned for him!

After 2 days of seminars, Lance and i were talking over the phone and he was wondering if anyone was noticing Taylor... One thing that we learned is that college scouts CANNOT approach you - if they do, then Taylor would be ineligible. College scouts can only approach a player who is in their jr. year at HS.... But, if you talk to them, then they can openly talk to you:) So, i told Lance that his job that day was to NOT video anymore and to mull around and talk to people... Immediately after he hung up, he went to the restroom and noticed a complete list of players at the camp that is given to scouts. Lance picked it up and began looking at it and noticed that Taylor's name was 1 of 5 circled - kinda cool - but we dont' know who circled it -hahaha :) oh well... Then Lance began "circulating" and talking to others that he thought may be someone to talk to... I can't remember exactly who he spoke with but they all seemed to know who Taylor was and said that he has great talent, he will go far in hockey and do great things. This was wonderful encouragement for him... Can't wait to see what God has planned:)

There was 1 day that the boys had time to explore - they went to a state park and saw some awesome scenery - thankfully, they steered clear of the scenery on the "strip"... Gosh, Lance did say what an aweful, icky place that is and hopes that he never has to go back...

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