Thursday, June 24, 2010

The End of another year...

The end of May was Hayleigh's last day of Preschool - next year she will enter Elementary school where her big Bro Brayden had his last year. I had fun helping and watching Brayden's 5th grade Breakfast/party. Brayden will be entering Middle School next year where his big Bro Taylor had his last year. Taylor will begin his freshman year at my old high school Kamiakin:) Go Braves! ;) He kept me busy too with helping at his 8th gr. party (no pics at this one - i think he would've shot me -jk) But i did get a few pictures of the last day of school swimming at my mom's house with a few of the kids' buddies!
Next year will be a big year for everyone! They will all be at a new school - including Maylynn where she will begin preschool - she is SO-SO-SO ready for school!
The weather is FINALLY HOT! Lance & Taylor are on their way home from Las Vegas now (i'll update the blog with that trip later) the "middle" kids have VBS this week, so next week are are looking forward to some relaxing, do what we want, when we want times!! woohoo!

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love your new blog photo!