Tuesday, March 09, 2010

So... I've just realized that i haven't updated the blog since my trip to Colorado Springs - i'm sure you know what that means: either nothin is happenin or we have been busy! And, I'm sure that you've guessed that we've been busy - b/c i'd be SHOCKED if nothin was happenin!! :)

The week after we got back from Colorado, i was blessed with the opportunity to use my "professional" brain cells again... A friend of mine is the director of a local preschool and asked if i would come and do a 1 day workshop about how children learn and the importance of play. I had a great time putting it all together and really enjoyed my time teaching again.

That same day of the workshop, we also headed over to Seattle for the State Tier 1 AAA hockey tournament. If taylor's team won, then they would have to travel to San Jose in March. His team did very good - they only lost out on their chance to advance by 1 point. This was certainly okay for us - we were ready for a hockey break:)

That same weekend was the Father/Daughter Ball -so, it was a crazy weekend with traveling across the state... Lance made it back to take Hayleigh to the ball. Aunt Heidi did Hayleigh's hair and my mom & dad took some pictures for me - i was sad to not be there:( They went to Red Robin for dinner (because they have balloons - they actually went to Applebee's first but there were no balloons!) and then off to the ball to dance the night away! It sounds like they had a blast!! - maybe next year Lance will take Maylynn too...

Hayleigh began taking Swim lessons at the court club at the begining of March and is taking a break from gymnastics. She seems to really enjoy her swimming! We are hoping that she is able to learn a bit more about how to actually swim this time around:) Since we took out sugar from her diet, she is able to listen and focus a bit better these days.

Last weekend Taylor and I went to the Wildhorse Jr. High Discipleship retreat. After a 4 hr. bus ride we got to meet our group of girls for the weekend. A friend and I had a cabin full of 11 girls - we had a great time! I really enjoy Jr. high girls - they are alot of fun. I kinda wished that we had an extra day to be able to get a little deeper into sharing etc...

Brayden has started Minor A baseball this week. Due to political reasons, etc...- Lance is an asst. coach this year -which is perfectly great with me! Less stress!! :) We thought that we would actually have nothing to do this weekend but just found out that there is a jamboree -yippee! - not sure what we would have done anyway with no activities - we'd probably go into shock! (or maybe get some MUCH needed yardwork done!) oh well...
Taylor has begun baseball this week too. He had tryouts today and will know soon what team he's on. Luckily school ball is only during the week - his spring hockey team begins the first weekend in April - so, a few weeks of no hockey has been/is nice:)
I almost forgot! For the past 8 weeks, Lance and I have been participating in a "Biggest Loser" contest with some friends from church. We both did pretty good but didn't win:( I think that i came in 2nd place and lost about 15 lbs. - now we just need to keep it off!!! However, we've been doing a pretty good job in keeping up an exercise routine at the TCCC.

Some upcoming things:

  • "If you Were Mine" adoption workshop at our church on Sunday nites- Lance and i are helping to facilitate/lead this class with some other friends.

  • A couple's retreat to Couer De Alene (sp?)

  • 4 days & 5 nights at Disneyland - a much needed family vacation! Can't wait!!

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Mara said...

Wow! Lots going on! I am amazed at how much you get done! Congrats on the Biggest Loser--I'm impressed. Thanks for keeping us up to date : )