Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hockey Update...

Keith, Taylor and Coach Dale

Last weekend we it was full of traveling across the state playing hockey. We first went to Moses Lake to play Spokane. I was extremely dissappointed when we pulled up to an outdoor rink and the temp was 3 degrees! Needless to say, i stayed in the car - which was probably a really good idea since i wasn't too happy about the situation:):) After that game we ventured across the pass to Seattle to play. We had a great time staying with Trisha and her family - i really wished that we could have had more time together - but - we had a game first thing Sunday morning and then we headed home just in time to beat the next snow fall - thank goodness.

A little brag time for Taylor - a mother is entitled to that once in awhile :):) ! Although his team lost all 3 games which was a bummer :(- Taylor just amazed me with how good he did! I was so, so proud of him! He scored 1-2 goals in each game and hustled his hinney off! :) He was voted team captain by his team and coaches a few weeks ago. We are really proud of his sincere kindness on and off the ice with his team - We have had some parents express to us the kind things they hear and see him do - thank you for sharing those stories - it's always nice to hear:) He is also the leading goal scorer on his team and in the league. We just give all the glory to God that He has healed his knee and that He has given him such great talent to play hockey:)

If you ever want to watch his team here is a link to their schedule: http://calendar.yahoo.com/YYY,a969ed/srt,0/tcahapw/?v=2&t=1231253612

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