Friday, January 09, 2009

Hayleigh ~ Swimming

I love this smile (but i was bummed that it turned out blurry:( )

She's got a great waving technique - haha;)

Hayleigh started swim lessons this week. It works out great b/c her lesson is right before Brayden's swimming ~ and they have the same awesome teacher (he is actually her Sunday School teacher too)! She just loves it:) I took my camera to take pictures and to try out my new telephoto lens. She did a great job smiling and waving for the camera... she also did a great job swimming in between pictures - haha:)

Just floating around...

Brayden enjoys the extra swimming time during Hayleigh's lesson

Her talking is really starting to bloom!! Thank goodness ~ Life is so much more enjoyable when you can actually communicate with each other... it is quite fun and funny to hear some of the things she says:):) Some funny quotes "Mommy, you know what... ~ Oh, my goodness... ~ Seriously...~ Listen to me..." and my favorite "I yuv you" :):)

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