Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mission Trip Supply List

We have had a few very generous donations. (for details you can check out my Mission Trip blog:)) So, i have updated the list...

Philip Hayden Foundation Supplies:

4 boxes Enfamil cleft lip/palate nurser bottles
12 medical tape
24 small stretch conforming gauze
24 packs 4” x 4” gauze sponges
Oral antibiotics (eye and ear)
Chewable vitamins-20
Albuterol unit doses nebulizer
Coticosteroid inhalers
Xopenex unit doses
Chewable Sudafed
Nature’s bounty diabetic vitamins (Costco) 1-2 boxes (***please note that this one is a HUGE blessing to Pam Baker)
4 bottles mens suave shampoo
4 XL boys Good Nights pull ups
Vogue Magazine (nov. and dec)
Women’s World magazine
1-2 Burts Bees chap stick
Sunshine Cheese-its crackers
10 packets enchilada and chili sauce mix
2 wheat free pasta
big colorful calendar with pockets (Hallmark?)
2 CDs Kids Bible Songs
4 bags chocolate Christmas candy
Christmas cookies
8 boxes cocoa
10 bags chocolate candy
Christmas CDs
2008 worship cds

Girls Size 3 and 4 (10 of each)
Boys Size 3 and 4 (10 of each)
Boys Size 6 (4)
Girls Size 18 (1)
Girls Size 16 (1)

Blocks of Cheddar Cheese

Harmony Outreach supply list:

Thin NIV travel bible in genuine leather – any color but black
Diapers and wipes
Hydrocortisone crème
Tylenol cold, pepto bismo and laxative, Theraflu, Nyquil caplets, contact, allergy medication (all these are in adult strength)
Shelled walnuts
Light spam
Pace picante HOT
Big boxes breakfast cereal (corn bran and grape nuts)
Couple big bottles of windex
Rubber gloves, large size
Hot sauce, couple varieties but not Tabasco brand
Tide pens (those portable things that get stains out of shirt if you are traveling)
Running shoes, size 10 (walmart or target brand are ok – just for the treadmill) If you do get Nike (don’t, too expensive – need size 10 1/2)
Mach III blades for razor – the kind for the vibrating razor
Chicken bullion cubes

Big bibs
Winter clothes and pants, coat
Winter shoes and socks
Baby wash (head to toe)
Formula milk
Satchel, pencils etc. for one boy
Thank you so much for your help - God Bless.

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