Friday, September 26, 2008

Last Weekend...

We went to Spokane to visit Grandpa Scherbarth and watch Taylor's "season opener" Hockey game.

We had a great time - Taylor got to ride a dirt bike - hopefully, he got the desire for a dirt bike out of his system... He's been wanting one since he was 6yrs! I've told him all along that when he turns 13 we'd "think" about it. Well, he turns 13 in 6 months!! So, i thought he could give it a try to see if it's all that he's been dreaming about. I don't think he was too impressed - he had fun. But, i haven't heard too much more about really wanting a motorcylce... Maybe, he'll be satisfied riding it whenever we go to visit Grampa S.

Brayden (and TV) really enjoyed playing with Pearl (our dog that we gave to Grampa S.). He's been really wanting another dog but we are praying about that right now. And IF it happens it will be a small dog (under 15lbs.) and non shedding! But he has to show us some things about responsibility first etc...

Hayleigh had fun playing with the girls at Grampa's house. They do foster care and have about 5 girls there. They just got a little girl about 16 months old and a cutie pie - Hayleigh loved "mothering" her.

Taylor's game went well. He played good. They lost:( There's nothing more to say... He has SEVERAL games this weekend - i hope he steps it up a bit on the ice and helps to lead the team a bit more:)

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