Thursday, September 18, 2008

Many know that I am going to serve in an orphanage in China in November. Here are a few updates:

There are about 15 people going and about 7 of them are from my church (Calvary Chapel). I am really excited! I can't believe that we will be leaving in 43 days! There is still soo much to do:)

While we are there we will be able to serve in the orphanage by helping with various projects, playing and loving on the children and doing a VBS type program with them. We are also hoping to do something special for the nannies there too. We are also hoping that we will have the opportunity to take a 10hr. train ride to Keifang to help serve in a state ran orphanage (apparently they don't see too many "groups" there and we are hoping that we can really bless them too:)). We will also be helping other "people" while we are there...

If you are interested in supporting our trip, there are a few opportunities:)

1. We are having a Dinner Theater Fundraiser at our church at our new property off of Clearwater. It is an interactive Dinner theater called "Uncle Phil's Diner" - it should be a fun night out and help a great cause:):):) Unfortunately, there is no childcare and the play is suitable for probably 10yrs and older... If you'd like tickets, they are $15.00 per person and they are sold at our church (736-2086) or you can make arrangements with me to get them for you. The dates are either October 10th or 11th at 6:30

2. We have a list of supplies to gather.

Medical Needs List
Robitussin DM – (3-4 bottles)
Triaminic Day cold & cough (3-4 bottles)
Triaminic Night cold & cough(3-4 bottles)
Dimetapp cold & cough –(3-4 bottles)
Tylenol suspension 160mg/5ml (5-6 bottles)
Advil/Motrin 100mg/5ml – (5-6 bottles)
Desitin (zinc oxide diaper rash ointment) – 10 large tubes
Hydrocortisone Cream 1% - 10 large or small tubes
Topical antibiotic ointment like Neosporin, etc. – 10 tubes
Antifungal cream like clotrimazole – 10 tubes
Maalox/Mylanta or similar brand – 2-3 large bottles
Peptobismol liquid or tablets – 2-3 large bottles or boxes

Other supplies/equipment:
Enfamil cleft lip/palate nurser – box of 6-6oz bottles – 4 boxes
Medical tape – plastic, paper, etc. – dozen
Stretch conforming gauze – bring 2 dozen small size
4”X4” gauze sponges – single sterile packs or in pkg of 10 – 2 dozen each

Oral antibiotics/ eye & ear antibiotics
Asthma medications like albuterol inhalers, albuterol unit doses for nebulizer machines, corticosteroid inhalers, Xopenex unit doses, etc.
Allergy medication, etc.

Philip Hayden foundation family list
diabetic vitamins--natures bounty--found at costco-1-2 packs--.
mens sauve shampoo--4 bottles
pull ups--GOOD NIGHTS--boys--size XL--4
vogue magazine--november and dec. issue-2008
candy canes--regular red and white--2 boxes
burts bees chap stick--1
cheese its crackers--big family box-sun shine brand
enchilada and chili sauce mix --packets--10 of each
pasta-WHEAT FREE---2 boxes--or bags
calendar--for school--big colorful with pockets--i found one for her last year at hallmark cards
candy canes
bag of christmas candys--4 bgs of variety--chocolate
cheeses--2--2lb.--blocks cheddar cheese
christmas cookies
hot coco--8 boxes--
chocolate candys--in bags--variety--10 bags
christmas--cd's and 2008 worship cd.s--for the whole team

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Angela said...

Kristen, My name is Anji, I hande dover some stuff from the drs this afternoon. Just wanted to clarify some things... I found your blog(s) thru Theresa Park's blog (T and I went to KHS together, been friends a LONG time). My husband Tom and I have tossed around adopting for a while and your Hayleigh story resonated with us. Thank you for sharing it with us! There is more to this, but I won;t go into it here!

No, I haven't talked to you on the phone before. I don't talk to anyone on the phone as I am deaf and speech-read (which is difficult to do on the phone!). :o) you can email me anytime at

Looking forward to getting to know you and your beautiful family!
-Anji Pickard