Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Hockey Season!!!
For all of Taylor's fans out there that want to follow him to all of his games, here is a link to the PeeWee Rep Schedule It is quite exciting stuff - it gets pretty physical!

Also, we are starting a fundraiser for his team - here are the details... Let us know if you'd at interested in buying some POP

Taylor's knee is back in action (so far:)) and he’s tearing up the ice again! And he’s tearing up our check book too! He has grown sooo much in the last year that he’s outgrown all of his gear that he only wore for 2 months last year! It’s amazing how fast he’s grown – he’s wearing a size 12 shoe and his is a head taller than all of the boys on his team!! Anyway, the funds are not for him personally but for his team and the cost of ice (which continues to rise) and for tournaments and other team uniform expenses – I guess he gets the benefit of the funds raised but indirectly!

So, we are starting off with selling pop. Here is a list of the cases you can order for $18.00 each:

20 oz Bottles
Dr. Pepper
Diet Dr. Pepper
Diet 7-up
A&W rootbeer
A&W cream soda
Diet A&W rootbeer
Sunkist orange
Cherry Coke
Diet Coke
CF Diet Coke
Fanta Orange
Coke Zero
Pibb Xtra
Barq’s Rootbeer
MM Lemonade
MM Pink Lemonade
Fanta Strawberry
Vault Red Blitz
Vanilla Coke
Rapberry Dasani
Lemon DAsani
Grape Dasani
Diet Pepsi
Wild Cherry Pepsi
Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi
Mt Dew
Diet Mt. Dew
Code Red
Diet Squirt
Ruby Red Squirt
Sierra Mist
Mug Rootbeer
Countrytime Lemonade
Lipton Sweet Tea w/ lemon
Lipton Green Tea w/ citrus

12 oz – Powerade
Mountain Blast
Fruit Punch

If you are interested in ordering, let me know and we can stop by… we have to turn in the $ with the order:)

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