Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Day of School

Here are the traditional first day of school pictures! Aren't they just the cutest kids?!! I just love them to death:) Our first week of school started after Labor day. We got back from Maui on Sept.1 and they started school on the 2nd. We had to quickly get into a routine and we were successful! Taylor decided to try out the private school at our church at Calvary Chapel, so i am driving him to and from everyday. So far he seems to like it okay - please pray for him because i think he is missing his old middle school... Brayden is in 4th grade at Ridgeview - i drive him to and from too:) He has a teacher that Taylor had in the 4th grade, we are so excited to for Mrs. Martin to be his teacher:) Hayleigh is going to Young Years Preschool with a few other of her friends (Delaney, Payton and Abby). She is loving it! I am loving it too - this is the first year to have a few hours to myself:)!!!
I am in the process of uploading my 300 pictures to Costco - if i can figure out how make it accessible for everyone to view, then i will do that or i will just have to pick out my favorites to posts! :) I had a lot of fun with my new camera!!!

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