Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am so happy for Kay! We just found out this morning that she was matched with a family from Holt Adoption Agency. I am sure she will be going to a very loving family that will love her as much as we do. We were a bit surprised this morning to find this out - we had hoped that we had a few more weeks before she'd be show up on the list and be matched. We just got our homestudy done yesterday- our agency did an amazing job trying to rush to get it done. We will continue on down this path for another daughter. We feel that God had used Kay to lead us in this direction. We are curious and excited to see what He has planned for us. Thank you to everyone that was praying for us - please continue to lift Kay up in prayer.
God Bless...

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Jill said...

Hi Kirsten! It has been a long time since I checked in on this blog. My goodness your family has been busy in many ways.

I am so sorry about Kay, but like you said, maybe God is using Kay to lead you to another child. I am excited to see your journey.

Ron and I really wanted to go on the fall mission trip, but felt the timing was off. Hoping we can do it another time with the same group.

Would love to see you soon. I can't believe it has been so long...too long.