Wednesday, August 06, 2008


What are the potholes anyway??? I guess that i should have read the sign that explained it all but i was on a 1 track mind trying to get to the water!! oh well - maybe next year i'll figure it out:)

This was our 2nd annual trip to the potholes with my very dear and very longtime friend Trisha and her family Jeff & Josh. I've known Trisha since we moved to TC in 1979 - she is a sister to me:) I am so grateful for our friendship. For the 2nd year in a row we had a blast camping with her family - this year we talked our other dear and longtime friend Mara (and her clan :)) to come up - hopefully, they will camp with us next year - they only stayed for the day but we had great fun!

In the slide show you will see the kids playing around the camp - i love the campground it's all grass and big trees. Yes, Big TREES -which had a magnet to whatever Taylor was throwing! He got a frisbee caught in a very tall tree almost at the top - the only way to get it down was to have Jeff climb it! So if you look closely at the tree picture you can see Jeff hidden in it - hilarious:) it wasn't 2 seconds later that T. got a football caught in another TREE!! We also had smores at night - i just love the smell of campfire:) And then we spend the day tubing and playing at the beach with everyone - we were sad that the time went by so fast:( But we are looking forward to meeting again there next year! oh - we also went to the Moses Lake water park before camping and the kids were a bit cold but loved trying out the boogie board wave and the wake board wave thing...

When we got home - we enjoyed visiting with my uncle and 2 cousins that came up for the weekend. We had a very short time together but we really loved seeing them - i hope they come back up again soon:)

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