Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kay Update

We are feeling a little bit more hope... It looks like Kay's orphanage might write a letter on our behalf. We are praying that this gets done in a timely manner - (like REALLY FAST! :)) It then needs to be sent to the Province's civil affairs bureau and then to CCAA. We are also praying that CCAA will show favor upon us and hold Kay's file until our file is closer to being done. We have NO IDEA if any of these things will happen - it is all in God's Hands. We feel that we are really taking true steps of faith in this. We have an accepted application with Lifeline (our agency) and we are getting our homestudy updated. We traveled to Spokane today for our first homestudy visit and to get some more questions answered with our agency. We will have another visit in a few weeks... in the mean time, we have just a couple paperwork items to complete. After our homestudy is done, we will file a I-800a with the Homeland Security to get approval from our gov't. Because of the new Hague Accreditation requirements, this has sometimes taken awhile (like 3 months!! ) So, when that time comes we will need prayers for a quick approval! ::) So, we are just praying, doing paper work, praying and doing more paperwork...

ps. we will not be able to post any pictures of Kay until we have everything secured.

But here's a picture of China. Kay's orphanage is in Urumqi on the FAR left side of China! Actually, this area has been in the news quite a bit lately with some icky stuff that is getting publicity b/c of the Olympics... yikes! Hayleigh was from Chongqing (it is the green province in the picture below)

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