Monday, March 10, 2008

Baseball Has Begun!

Yes - it is officially baseball season at our house! Praise the LORD! I bet you thought that I was going to think differently -huh:) Well, it has given Lance and especially Taylor some other things to think about instead of missing out on hockey. The past 5 months has been extremely difficult for Taylor not being able to play hockey - he really has missed it... in fact, i've heard that his hockey team will be traveling to California for the regional tournament this week - we wish them the best of luck:)

Anyway, Taylor has an MRI on Fri 3/7 and we won't find out the results until 3/17. Right now he is allowed to run etc. at 50% (not quite sure what that is exactly - i guess that he can participate but not to the fullest level???) So, we kicked off the baseball season last weekend with the jamboree. They had 2 "mini" games on Saturday morning and the team did a great job! They won them both:) Taylor played 1st base and pitched - when he batted he was only allowed to jog to 1st base and then had a baserunner run for him. It worked out just fine:) However, soon after the games were over - he came down with the flu:( Poor guy was super sick!! He's back to school today but i'm hoping that he's doing okay:)

If you want to check out our baseball team - you can visit the SECO blog :

Thanks to one of our dad's for putting this blog together:):)

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Mara said...

Wow! A blog for the baseball team--that's pretty cool! I love the start of a new sports season and am really glad Taylor gets to play!