Sunday, November 11, 2007

Taylor's Hockey - updated - see below...
Here is a "goofy" picture of Taylors' team - He is on the Tri City Jr. American Pee Wee Rep A team.
He could use your prayers - Taylor has been off the ice for 2 weeks now and it's killing him! I took him to the Dr. 2 weeks ago because he took a bad hit to his knee in a game in Spokane. We wanted to know how hurt it was and how was the best way to treat it so he could be back on the ice at 100% quickly. So, the Dr. examined him, took an x-ray and then gave us his diagnosis... He said the the pain that he is feeling now is probably just from the hit he sustained during the game and just a strained ligament but that there was something else that concerned him on the x-ray. He ordered him to not do any physical activity until he was cleared from the orthopaedic Dr. The first Orthopaedic Dr. just wanted to wait and take another look at it in 3 months - rushed them out and hasn't been able to answer any addition questions that we've had. And, since then Lance has "researched" the disease that might be the diagnosis (OCD - Osteochondritis Dissecans) we felt that we needed to get a second opinion and get some real answers. The research said that many times Dr. wait too long and the earlier the diagnosis - the better. So, Dr. K. (our 2nd opinion Orthopaedic dr.) did an examination last week and is ordering an MRI, physical therapy and did confirm that he has OCD but the MRI will tell how bad and how to treat it. So, please pray that the damage is minimal and easily treatable - if it goes untreated than it can result in very early arthritis.
Taylor and our family could use your prayers… He had his follow up appt. with the orthopaedic Dr. today and it was not what we were expectingL We were disappointed to find out that he has an unstable piece of cartilage in his knee that needs to heal. In order to be proactive, he will have surgery next week. The Dr. will drill extremely small holes in his cartilage/knee to hopefully “regenerate” the area to heal itself. He will not be able to finish his hockey season this year and he is extremely upset about that – as you all know, he eats, breathes and lives for hockey from Aug – March. It is heartbreaking for me to see him so upset. But, by addressing the problem now and not waiting to see if it heals by itself by doing nothing for the next 3 months – we are hopeful that he will be able to play baseball.

He doesn’t quite understand why this is all happening to him and well… we’ve had some interesting faith talks in the last 3 hrs… Please pray for him and this path that God has given Taylor – it is not the one that he (or we) ever imagined that we would be taking right now. I am interested to see where it is going and the good that will come from it.

On a positive note – I truly thank God that the events which took place did, so that we could take care of this OCD before it got too serious.

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