Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Surgery Day

Well... after alot of 2nd thoughts, Taylor had his knee surgery today. It definately was God's blessing that we had it b/c we really weren't sure - we just kept praying for some definate answers and didn't get any "road blocks" - (i sure prayed for them though) but i am so thankful that he did have it! The Dr. came to us in the waiting room and told us that he sure was surprised to find that he had a torn ACL :( He wasn't able to see it on the MRI because his tissue was too dense. So it was God's blessing that we went through with the surgery - he had tiny holes drilled into his cartilage to promote the healing of the dead cartilage from the OCD and the Dr. also cleaned up the ACL. It looks like Taylor will have to play contact sports with a knee brace for his entire life. I am so thankful that we found that now!
Here's Taylor before surgery and getting a little anxious - he started to get annoyed with me because i got a little goofy with him to try to take his mind off of it:)

He had ALOT of drugs in anesthesia - it took us awhile to get out of the hospital. He was really dizzy and hot - so Lance fanned him with the magazine for about 2 hrs! We finally made it home around 2:30. We were surprised that he remembered that he had a few visitors while we were there, which was so nice - it is great to have such good friends and Pastor.

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