Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Last Friday we had a fabulous time at Silverwood. We mostly rode on all of the rollercoasters because (as usual) the weather wasn't very warm - it seems like it never is when we go:( Oh well we still had tons of fun! The biggest surprise was that Brayden wanted to go on Tremors! At first i thought that he was kidding and told him to stay with his dad but when i saw the tears starting to form - i knew he was serious... So we waited in the looooonnnngggg line and Lance attempted to talk Brayden out of going SEVERAL of times - it was pretty funny:) I couldn't get Lance to go on it either in order to sit by Taylor - so Taylor had to sit by himself but right in front of me - i wasn't going to let him out of my sight! And i had Brayden wrapped up in my arms - i was afraid that he'd slip through all of the seatbelts and bars - but he didn't and we all had a blast!!! I still can't beleive Brayden went on it though! He usually prefers the dizzy - go around in circle rides like his dad. :)

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