Monday, August 07, 2006

1st Week of August...

It was kind of quiet and lonely here at the begining of the week...This was the first year that Taylor went away to church camp at Ghormely Meadows. He was gone from Sunday to Thursday and he had a blast with his buddies! This is a picture of his counselor and a few buddies from his cabin (Andrew and Alex). He can't wait until next year!!!
After we picked up Taylor on Thursday, we headed down the road about 7 miles to camp at Rimrock Lake for a few nights. As you can see Hayleigh is very busy and likes to keep on wandering around with no cares about how far she goes - so we decided to attach a clothes line to her so she can't get to far and so we could sit for a minute:):)

The boys had fun rafting down the Indian Creek (which emptied into Rimrock Lake) - they spent the day re-routing the creek to get the best path:)

We also drove up to Mt.Rainier Friday morning - it was a clear beautiful day...although we were a bit dissappointed with the construction going on at Paradise Inn:(

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