Wednesday, September 12, 2012

School Begins...

And smack dab in the middle of all this exciting hockey stuff - SCHOOL BEGINS!!  aaaahhhhh!!!!!

I can't remember if i blogged about this but i was so torn to have t leave Taylor in the middle of his camp to come home to start teaching & get the others off to their first day of school.  I really wish that Washington could get a clue and realize summer is not over until AFTER labor day!!  I mean really - go to school for 3ish days then have 3 days off to then go back for 3 days - not only does it ruin our hockey tryout/camp plans but it really isn't the most fun for a teacher (mainly me) to plan for those few of days -what's the point??? Canada doesn't start until after labor day - come on USA - get a clue!!!

Ok - enough of my ranting & raving (i can do that b/c i'm not really sure that anyone even reads this blog anymore - haha)  that felt good - maybe i'll do more ranting in the future:)

Seriously - we started school on Aug. 28 - Yay!!  Somehow i managed to get all of the required school supplies, back packs and thankfully our parents took the kiddos school shopping :) thx gma & gpa!!  Brayden started 8th grade at DHMS - he's got a cool schedule of Leadership, spanish, band and the usual core classes... Hayleigh started 1st at RV - so super glad that we waited a year for 1st - she will do much better - lover her teacher too!!  Maylynn started K5 with me IN MY CLASS (she has THE BEST teacher ever!! hahaha) it seems to be going really good (so far) :) Taylor started school AFTER LABOR DAY at South Delta Secondary in BC - he has English, Ceramics & Pre Calculus and will hopefully start 2 online classes today of US government & Computer literacry (we've been having issues with K12 - ugh!)

Here's the "First day of school" pics for the ones at home:

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