Thursday, August 09, 2012

Thursday in Prague - Segway Again…

We had so much fun and learned so much from our Segway tour on Monday that we decided to do it again.  Our taxi was due to pick us up close to noon so, we had a lttle bit of time to walk around the hotel grounds.  The building behind us is a beautiful church (no pics allowedL )  I wish that I could describe the churches here but I can’t find the words – they are just breath takingly beautifuly ornate and you can ssee the history there too.  There is a little park/pond nearour hotel that we attempted to take a pic of ourselves (see below)

We did the “grande” tour on the segways today.  Saw new stuff that we didn’t see on Monday and the stuff that may have been repeated we were able to see something different – we really like this degway company.  There are others in prague but this one is a more intimate one and only the 2 of us with the guide – others have about 10 people in a group…
We sent through “lesser” town, over a bridge to old town, to Wenceslas square, jewish quarter, across another bridge to “the venice of prague” and ended at the John Lennon wall.  Here are some pics:
this pic makes me laugh with Lance's head in the bottom of it - ROFL !! this is the church behind us - it's so tall that his head was all that i could get in the pic! hahaha

i love the cobblestone streets & sidewalks - our hotel area and all of the downtown city of prague is like this

church at our hotel

the back side of our hotel

the park/pond by our hotel

our rental car - don't really like that there is a Budget rental car sticker on it though - everyone knows we are foreigners...

beginning of our tour - statues are modern art about communism - many are missing body parts...

the castle & charles bridge in the background

the national theatre for czech people - it was built bc the czechs were losing their language and they wanted to revive it with a theatre - it took many years to build and then burnt down 2 months later - the people of czech rallied together to raise the funds and it was quickly rebuilt and brought the nation unity

graffiti began and so the city allowed 4 different artist to paint "nice" graffiti to keep others from painting on it

graffit wall

a commemorative date that communism regime was deposed

Wenceslas Square - King Wenceslas  really wasn't a very good king after all... there is a monument here

Bohemian musicians

This wall with locks - legend where lovers put a lock on the gate and through the key in the water so they will be in love forever...

The John Lennon Graffiti wall 

the segway company that gave us our tours...

Afterward, we had a quick lunch at starbucks and headed back to Hotel Adalbert via tram to go to Taylor’s game.  They played Switzerland and ended up winning – it was a hard fought battle though.  The swiss team was huge and physical – luckily tv didn’t get hurt… a few other players did thoughL  We’ve been visiting a lot with the Gersich family – their son Shane is VERY good and happens to be the team captain, unfortunately, he checked a swiss player and ended up hurt – so so sad for him and praying for healing for his shoulder.  We play Czech again tomorrow at 6pm

the speed limit signs and the sign below we think means "do not pass" :)

entering Chomotov

the national anthems with Swizterland

the 5 nation's flags

oops - i forgot to rotate the pic - all of the players come walking out after the game with ice packs wrapped around body various body parts - TV always has his knee wrapped :)  they look kinda goofy... :)

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