Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Lots of tours

I'm exhausted so i won't be writing too much tonight but i'll post some pics of what we saw.  I will say that there are TONS of churches here but only a very small amount of Christians (10%) - sad:(  it is a beautiful city and many of the statues etc depict Jesus.

a beautiful lamp post

the front of the castle

a better pic of the etched building that i posted yesterday

guards change at the castle every hour

at the castle

another part of castle

mosaic made of 35,000 small tiles depicting the day of judgement

more castle

view from castle

stairs walking down from the castle

one of MANY musicians in Prague performing for $$

astronomical clock in "Old Town"- i need to get a better pic...

more etched buildings

a monument to "keep away" the black plague

inside the castle church - sorry lighting is super bad!

stained glass window in church castle

in church castle

La Verdano - the restaurant where we had a delicious Italian dinner tonight

where we had dinner last night

statues on the Charles Bridge

on the charles bridge

looking south down the river from the charles bridge

tomorrow we might do a river tour and just walk around on our own.  Taylor has a game at 6pm so we will head that direction around 4...  these past few days we've had the tour people pick us up and then took a taxi home but tomorrow i think we will try the city tram!

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