Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tier 1 AAA National Tournament - Buffalo, NY

Wow!  It sure was a struggle preparing for this trip - So many things kept trying to get in my way but i was focused and determined to not let them get me down!  It was my turn to get to go watch Taylor and despite the LOOONNNNGGGG day of travel - i couldn't wait to see him play again!  I was a little bummed that i would be rooming alone - his teammates roomed with each other for this tourney :(

I missed his first game on Wednesday (my travel day) - his team played the Long Island Royals (which has their own NHL network show/documentary) The team is really good - they ended up winning the tourney. When the Barons played them we started out ahead with TV's help for an assist but then the Royals came back to win :(  The next game on Thursday was a pretty good game - the game then went into OT and then a shoot out and we won in a shoot out! Then TV went down hill fast:(  He mentioned that he wasn't feeling good after the game but he was just trying to push through it and did pretty good the rest of the night during dinner etc... Friday he woke up still not feeling too good - we went to lunch and he started to get chills.  He went back to the hotel for a nappy - while he did that i stopped to get a thermometer (and a NY starbucks mug :) ) - and unfortunately/fortunately, it came in handy.  He texted me at 2:30 that he was NOT good - i went to his room - took his temp - it was 104! I quickly gave him meds (advil & tylenol) cold wash cloths etc... then we relocated to my room.  I am sooo sooo glad that i was there for him :)  We finally got his fever down to 101 and then i took him to urgent care to be sure he didn't have anything serious.  They tested him for everything possible...and it all came back negative.- which was good but also the unknown was not good in that not knowing how long it was going to last... So, he missed Friday nights game.  Saturday he woke up with a 102 fever got it down to 100 with more meds & cold shower but coach didn't think it would be good for him to play.  At this point, the team HAD to win in order to play later that night and hopefully TV would have been better to play then.  BUT - the team lost and the season ended :(  So super sad :(  TV was well enough to watch from the bar looking over the rink and it tore him apart watching and not being able to play.  At one point he had wished that he brought his equipment to suit up at the scrape... That evening the team had dinner together at Tully's to celebrate the season and to say goodbye's.  It was a super sad evening for me.  So many life lessons learned for Taylor these past 8 months.  The Cleveland families were so welcoming to TV - they really watched out for him and were so so good to him.  Especially his billet family that we will forever love for opening their home and family to Taylor.  It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about thanking them all for everything they had done for Tv and having to say good bye. Below are some pics from that night....

TV and his buddy Krotz

TV and billet bro Garrett

TV with Gordie & Blake

TV with his coaches Donnie & Brett

TV with Sonny

TV and little billet bro Griffin

Tv & Gordie

TV with his AWESOME Billet Family

So by this time - Taylor's fever was gone. We then had about 2 days to "play".  Sunday we shopped and saw "The Hunger Games" - we had a great time.  We wanted to go to Niagara Falls on Sunday but it was miserably raining/snowing - so we hoped that Monday would be better.  Our flight on Monday was to leave at 5pm so we had most of the day to plays some more.  Luckily Monday was BEAUTIFUL!  We met up with some friends from Spokane - the Yamamoto's.  Taylor played with Keanu for a few years in Washington.  This year Keanu played for the LA Jr Kings who also made it to Nationals.  We had a great time visiting Niagara Falls together and have some great border crossing stories! :)  Below are some pics of Niagara Falls on the Canadian Side...

We paid extra to go down into the tunnels under the falls - it was ok... during the summer months they open up the deck area and i'm sure it's a GREAT experience!

The Yamamoto's

a couple of models :)

We are not sure what God has planned for Taylor next.  We are fervently praying for direction from Him!  please keep TV in your prayers :)

Taylor is now home and is excited to get back to Kamiakin and may play some baseball...

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