Friday, April 27, 2012

She's FINALLY 5!

The LONG awaited 5th birthday FINALLY came!  Turning 5 is a big deal at our house - it means that you are now eligible for extra curricular activities!  Maylynn has been waiting for at least 1.5 yrs to turn 5 so she can do ballet!  She has been counting down the birthdays, months, days etc... THEN - 4 days before she turns 5 - while playing with her brother & sister (rough housing/tickling) -she falls off the couch onto the hard basement (carpet - not much padding) floor & broke her collarbone!  She was so so sad! Not only to have to wait for her ballet class to begin after she gets healed up but we had to find a new location for her bday party!  It was originally going to be at All American Gymastics, where the kids can run, jump, tumble etc... well - that was NOT gonna work for her:(  So, we had to have it at home - i dread, dread, dread bday parties at home! It is ALOT of work - planning, preparing the day of, the party itself & clean up!! ugh! But God was awesome and gave us a beautiful day and we had the whole thing outside - woohoo!!!  It turned into a princess theme party with princess crafts: tiaras, & necklace making and playdough:) And, we played Maylynn's favorite thing to do - walking with a book on your head relay race!  She was a pro - she practices that alot :)

a little dissappointed that the wind kept blowing out the candles :(

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