Saturday, August 20, 2011

Park City, Utah

Our last big HURRAH for the summer!  Taylor's hockey team - The Cleveland Barons  - invited all of the families to Park City, Utah for a summer bonding/training session week.  At first we were just going to send Taylor but then we didn't really want him to be gone a week and then home for a short time and then gone... We all have been going different ways this summer so we viewed it as an opportunity to do something somewhat together.  I say somewhat b/c Taylor got to fly to SLC - we drove 10 hrs. and he stayed in a different room with a player (Grant Meyer).  Our time with him (TV) was minimal but we were there together(same city/condo) and got to see him a few times.  The condo's were magnificent -we wanted to bring it all home with us!  It reminded us alot of the Worldmark Condo's but on a MUCH NICER scale (granite, steam shower etc...) They were called Westgate Park City Resort & Spa  

The boys had ice times and off ice training times -so in between all of that we all got to play!  

We went rafting - the water was VERY mild! Class 2 - but it was the boys' first time so, i think it was a good step - we will have to take them white water rafting next summer for sure!

The boys played paintball with the team while i took the girls into SLC to Lakeshore Learning store.  They came home with tons of welts - this doesn't sound fun to me but they had a blast!

We played at the hotel pool & ping pong alot with Grant's family.  We really had a great time getting to know them and all of the other families that were there.

The 5 of us ventured to the Utah Olympic park - it was a nice quick trip.  Very cool to see the museum of how skiing got so popular in Park City and the Olympic museum.  It was very fun to watch people try to ski, jump & flip into the pool...

We also played at "park city park"  where we took a gondola ride, alpine sled ride and roller coaster ride as well as a play area for the girls - pics are below...

Brayden & the girls swimming in the outdoor pool - they loved it b/c it was only 3ft deep all around - great for playing!
View of Park City coming down on the gondola

MV asleep on gondola - YES! my plan worked!! :)

Chris - Taylor's billet dad 

The play area at the base of the Park City mountain area...

HV on her airplane

Brayden concentrating REALLY hard on stopping on the roller coaster - i went on it later too - it was super fun!

MV on her plane...

These guys raced down the alpine slide

MV on top of her climbing rock - i was pretty impress that she got up there all by her self!

HV tried out rock climbing - we had a hard time getting her off~!

Playing at the pool...

Ping Pong with me:)

MV putting suds on her dad while he was talking to another dad :) Can you see the welt on his back!! ouch!!
HV with her buddy (Grant's little bro)

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Pretending to be sledding at the Olympic museum

I guess you can pay to take lessons & try out the ramps! it was fun to watch:)

the real big ramps for winter time

TV playing volleyball with some teammates...

Lunch after rafting (pic on iphone)

The BIG group (2 teams Barons & Belle Tire and misc. parents & coaches)

The 2 teams

Grant, Blake & TV

We drove home on our 18th anniversary - 10 hrs in the car with my sweetie pie kinda all to myself!

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