Friday, August 05, 2011

 NYC - Part 2 (day 1+)

We finally made it to New Jersey from Rochester at about 8pm on Thursday.  Taylor had the very last game scheduled - ugh:(  So, we got a later start than I wanted to - oh well... the only bummer was that we didn't get to visit "Cake Boss" - Brayden and I really wanted to do that... After we finally found our bus shuttle and checked into the Courtyard Marriott on 5th Ave/40th - we headed out in search of pizza!  luckily this restaurant was still open - i dont' remember the name though...

Friday was our NBC tour - so, we headed down to Rockefeller Center and hung around the NBC store for a bit before our tour - There was a lady signing her new book that was released that day and i'm not much of a tv watcher so i'm not sure but i think her name was Roda??? Anway, the tour was good - didn't see anyone or anything too fabulous but it was interesting to see some of the studios!!  The boys were excited to buy some "Office" t-shirts and they thought it was pretty cool when we drove through the town of Scranton, PA :)

After the NBC store, we headed over to the Nintendo Store!
  Then we were off to the NHL Store...
This was a blow up Stanley Cup - Hopefully one day he'll be kissing the real thing!!
I thought this was cool - it was made up of all hockey sticks - it was a light fixture & TV stand thingy...
 After that, we went to Times Square and purchased Broadway tickets for "Rock of Ages"  - Maybe if we had watched this "sneak peek" preview on the website - we would have saved our $$$$.  It was the raunchiest, lewdist, grossest, cheesiest, stupidest thing we have EVER seen - and we had exposed the boys to this - we had some conversations after that! It should have been rater R or X if there were any rating for Broadway!

Times Square

We had dinner at Planet Hollywood

At Grand Central Station!  We adventured through the station to take the subway to the Yankees game and we made it!

and... here the boys are COOKING in the 100+ degree temps at Yankee stadium at 7pm!  It was miserable

we took the subway home too - i was so proud of ourselves!!!

My first impression of NYC was that it reminded me alot of China (Beijing & Chongqing).  some of the smells, the amount of people everywhere etc... 

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