Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I was first baptized on November 28th, 1971.  I know this because my parents kept my official baptism certificate.  I was about 7 weeks old:)  Growing up, i was also reminded of me being baptized and thought - "oh, very cool- I'm baptized"  My family was all raised up in the Lutheran church where they believe in infant baptism.  I never thought twice about me being baptized as a baby until i became more knowledgeable in the differences in various denominations.  Several years after we were married in the Lutheran church we ended up attending a Presbyterian church - this was a good "common ground" for me and my hubby and i thought it was interesting that they believe in both infant baptism and infant dedications/adult baptism.  I started to question the difference even more...  Then, about 4 (or 5) years ago we started to attend Calvary Chapel (a non denominational church) that teaches straight from the bible and nothing else.  It was then that I began to wonder about my baptism...  I know that baptism is merely a public declaration of accepting Jesus as my Savior.  I know that i personally have prayed for this not only once but several times - haha but I've never really made my own public declaration.  So, after praying about it for over a year, i finally decided to be baptized as an adult and to make my own personal public declaration to follow Christ!  

And, it couldn't have happened on a better day!  July 10th!  This is my Grandma Jordahl's birthday - she has always been the one that has been grounded in her faith.  She would never miss a day of church! And as a young child, I would LOVE visiting her just so we could go to church with her! My grandma is now 85 years old and is suffering from Alzheimer's at Callaway Gardens.  

The other awesome thing was that all of my kids were here that day!  My boys were also baptized as infants (and they know this) - my prayer for them now, is for them to make their own personal/public decision to follow Christ.  I want them to "own" their belief just as I have come to "own" what I believe:)
Pastor Steve praying with me - he was a little surprised that i was being baptized - i quickly explained...
I LOVE this picture!

So - Lance knew that i wanted to be baptized and i think that he could see that i was starting to chicken out - so, he decided that he'd get baptized again too - he was first baptized in Jr High (i think)

This is a favorite too - Lance's prayer with Steve and Maylynn lovingly touching my wet hair:)

Lance's Baptism
So... then at breakfast on Sunday morning we announced to the kids that we were going to be baptized that morning.  Hayleigh immediately said that she too wanted to be baptized!  We have talked to her about baptism (she too was baptized as an infant) and we asked her more questions trying to decide if we should let her but really, is it our decision or hers??? So, we let her - it was a great day!!  She was soo excited and called all of the grandparents to tell them and she told anyone else that she ran into that day:)

Hayleigh with her daddy & Pastor Steve - saying a prayer

This is the best pic of after her "dunk" :)  - So precious:)

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