Sunday, October 17, 2010

Maylynn's first "Big Pumpkin Patch"...

Last week Maylynn and I joined her preschool friends for a trip to the pumpkin patch. She had SO much fun!! We didn't go last year - for some reason (maybe bad weather) we didn't go with Hayleigh's class and only went as a family to a local nursery. She was a little bit unsure with the haybale maze but after she followed me through it -she had got the hang of it and then wanted me to follow her:) Then it was off to pet the farm animals - she loved the little baby pig the most - i have to admit it was my fav too - it was so cute. We were then whisked away on a tractor trailer ride to the pumpkins - so many fun memories! I enjoyed watching her pal around with her buddy Micah. I guess those 2 really hit it off wonderfully well at school. I've heard alot about him - he sure seems like a real sweet boy. I'm so glad that she's making friends:)
Next week i get to go with Hayleigh to the same patch - more fun times!

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