Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rest & Relaxation - San Diego (July 20th...)

This was my FAVORITE restaurant - i loved their shrimp tacos! and the atmosphere:)
Lance & I on the pier overlooking Pacific Beach
My Grandma Huston & myself - not too sure if I will ever get a chance to see her again in this lifetime:( It was fun to visit - all of my childhood memories came rushing back as i pulled into her neighborhood...

Lance doesn't get too many opportunities to travel for work, which is a good thing. But, this summer it was time for him to take a class to make sure he is current on the information that he needs to know - it was an appropriations class - i guess... Anyway, it was in San Diego! He found out about it in May and we kinda had it in our minds that he would go and i would go with him - it's super important for us to do at least 1 thing a year for just the 2 of us - we are so busy and all...

Well, he got the work approval and then Taylor was selected to go to the Kent Select Festival in Kent, Ohio during the same time period - bummer! but - Gma & pa V. saved the day - actually, in April they couldn't use some plane tickets to fly to Canada with Taylor so, they ended up using them to take Taylor to Kent! So, while they had Taylor in Kent watching him play hockey with the other top players in the US - Gma & gpa B. watched the girls and helped coordinated several playdates for Brayden with his friends! It seemed to have worked out perfectly:)
So, Lance and I enjoyed a wonderful 4 days together. While he was in his class during the day, i had a chance to visit with my gma Huston, Aunt Dianne & Uncle Warren for a day, read a book, had to trade my rental car one day cuz the battery was bad (frustrating), met the grandparents of the little girl that i tutor here (they are the ones that hired me & i've never met them - until then) and just relaxed! When Lance was done with his work duties, we did some sight seeing on the trolley tour around the city (The HUGE comic con convention was in town the same time we were so there were some VERY interesting people there - you know the ADULTS that are REALLY into superheros, comics etc... and dress up like them...) Anyway, we also visited Calvary Chapel San Diego, and we had a super fun time at an improv comedy show - we would definately recommend this to anyone going to SD! And our last day before loading the plane, we enjoyed some time at the Cabrillo Nat'l Monument (a light house & awesome views of the city) we also loved watching the surfers here. Oh - and one evening we went to Pacific Beach - watched tons of surfers and saw some dolphins!!

We really enjoyed our time together!!

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