Thursday, July 08, 2010

Cool Desert Nights!

FINALLY! We were finally here to watch the "Cool Desert Nights" Car show parade. We are not car "buffs" or "finatics" but it was fun to see some of the old cars and new, shiny cars -we didn't care for the loud/obnoxious car honkings though... As you can see Brayden was much happier after he borrowed the ear muff thingys and Taylor was MR. COOL! (however, he's starting to tick me off by not smiling -i don't think i have any pictures of him naturally smiling -it's starting to make me wondering if it's ALL really that BAD... - hoping it's just a "cool" phase...) Anyway, we were invited to the Brown's house for a potluck and fellowship time. After dinner, we walked 2 houses down and enjoyed watching the cars go by and go by and go by - i think they went around at least 5-6 times... the ice cream helped the time go by too:)
You can see more pictures of our fun times at the picture website here
It seems all of the past summers we have been gone during Coold Desert Nights b/c of baseball or hockey tournaments and surprisingly enough - this summer we don't have any of that! - however, we have been busy with other little events but it has been just right - not too busy and not too boring!
Hope to post more stuff in the next few days - don't want to get too far behind:)

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