Thursday, February 04, 2010

Dinner Time Crazyness!

Here's a little glimpse of the crazyness at dinner time. It doesn't matter what we do or say - it is alway chaotic! We are constantly "reminding" the kids to sit in their chair on their bottom, to stop singing, to stop teasing each other, to eat their food, to stop singing, to eat their food and to stop singing etc... Amazingly enough, we do get some good dinner time conversation in between all of that! Taylor usually sits down and eats his food so fast that Lance and i have hardly taken our first bite! He probably is trying to escape the crazyness!!! :) (i don't blame him) Brayden usually doesn't like what is served -so it's a struggle for him to finish an adequate portion of his meal to be considered done. Maylynn usually eats everything like Taylor but at a normal pace. Hayleigh is the pokiest ever! We have to set a timer to get her to finish and if it goes off before she's done - then there's no dessert or snacks:( So much fun! But it's our life and as much as it is and sounds crazy - we love it! I would be shocked if we had a nice quiet "normal" dinner - but what fun would that be...

so- here's a video of Brayden making Maylynn giggle at our meal last night! - enjoy:)



The Park family said...

That is just precious! Wish we got to see what he was doing behind the scenes! My brother used to do the same thing to me for many years. Fun family memories!

Mara said...

I love this--you described what could be our family, too. Oh that is all too familiar. The best part was Maylynn giggling--priceless!