Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hayleigh's back to school week...

It was so nice having Monday off! I sure wish that every week started on a Tuesday... Hayleigh started preschool at Young Years on Wednesday. She was so excited! (and so was i:)) She was beaming for her back to school picture in the back yard and couldn't wait to take her new Ni Hao Kai Lan backpack to school. While she was at school, i attempted to get Maylynn's picture taken - for each of the kiddos, i have had their pics done as a toddler in their swimsuit and they are on display in the bathroom -so it was Maylynn's turn (next summer she'll just be too big!) Anyway, we went to the Picture People (like i did for the others) and it was closed! So we headed to Sears and they were busy - 3rd times a charm: Jcpenney took us right in but as soon she figured out "something" was going to happen - she started to cry... i tried bribing with gum but she didn't care (at the time) she did try to get gum later but i held out until we tried the picture thing again! So, today after Hayleigh's FIRST DAY AT GYMNASTICS - which she loved! we went back to JCP for another try - yeah! it worked - she started to cry when she saw the room that we were going into but i jsut got H. dressed with her suit on and then M. the same - Hayleigh started to "work" the camera and then Maylynn wanted to be a part of it too! So, i got some good pics but was disciplined and only got what i needed:) They should be ready next week... The girls continue to act like sisters - I think Hayleigh still wishes that she was the only princess here sometimes. We are trying to "catch" Hayleigh being good and reward her for doing nice things, playing nicely etc... "Be nice" is the phrase in our house lately:) I really think that Hayleighs special time at preschool and gymnastics will be the very best thing for her - Maylynn was sure happy to see Hayleigh at the end of H. first day of preschool - it was so sweet and i could see that H. was a bit surprised to get all of the hugs from M.:) Maylynn is still learning the ropes but she is sure catching on. Her receptive language seems to be very good! I asked her in english where many of her body parts are and she did a GREAT job pointing to them! She was very pleased too:) She is such a sweet heart - we just love her so much! Tuesday she had a Dr. appt with a plastic surgeon to look at her cleft palate. He said that it looks repaired but a little short - so that is why she sounds so nasaly and will need speech therapy. He said that when she is much older, she'd probably have another surgery but nothing for a while. Since we were in Richland, we headed next door to the hospital to have MORE BLOOD drawn! I did not want to do it and almost didn't!! But, we did... and she cried her little heart out again for the 3rd time! this time she cried for Brayden - so sweet:) When we got home, as soon as she saw Lance - her lip drooped down and she held out her little owie - she did this routine for everyone in the family - it was quite the show:) Everyone was gracious to her and felt sorry for her:) lol:) Get this though! We got a phone call tonight that we have to have MORE BLOOD DRAWN AGAIN!!!! Apparantly a thyroid test that we just had done - one was pos. and one was neg. so - she has to get another! ugh!!!

The boys are enjoying school and their friends... Taylor started discipleship group at church tonite and will have that EOW. So, he has school, guitar, hockey, youth group and discipleship. Brayden tried out for the Channel Cats swim team and made it!! So, he started this week and will practice 3 times a week for now. He also wants to do orchestra to the learn the violin (i played this too with the SAME teacher over 25 yrs ago!) and Crosswalk patrol. So, he's busied up our schedule with school, violin, swim team, patrol, and church - FBI.

Lance is busy starting to bend nails to make crosses for a church and som holiday bazaars. I was just blessed with a tutoring job 3 hrs a week - which will be perfect for our busy family. I am still trying to get to the club to work out - this should be easier once we start leaving M. in the nursery - but that will be a while still... we are both busy planning for the orphan ministry conference for Nov. 14th. and i've just started a small group for moms and moms- to - be that are adopting for fostering... you can check all of this out at our ministry website by clicking here .

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