Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer's Over :(

Maylynn is a little reader - she loves books! Playing on Gpa's jet ski...

I don't know what happened to our summer - it's over and I'm sad but i am also ready for school to start too... Summer recap: hockey, little bit of baseball, swimming, hockey, hockey, Court club, swimming, Brayden's camp Ghormely, Taylor's IDT camp, our 20 yr. HS reunion (but only went to my picnic and we were in China for Lance's:() and China!

This past week we didn't have too much planned and it was nice but also apparent that the boys are ready for school - we had a "day" that wasn't too pleasant if you know what i mean... but it ended on some good notes:) We had some fun times finally meeting up with some friends at the park too.

We took Hayleigh to gymnastics to "try" it out at All American. She liked it but we are not sure what class she'll join for the school year, so we'll "try" out another one this week - she thought it was cool that her brothers were there to watch her:)

We also ventured to the dreaded DMV to get the kids their enhanced ID cards. I mainly wanted to get Hayleigh hers b/c it's such a pain to carry all the documents about her and not being sure what the particular border crossing guys is going to accept... So, since we were all there for the process, i decided to get the boys done too (we can't do Maylynn's until we get some additional paperwork from immigration). It wasn't too terribly painful - only a 2 hr. wait! We/I celebrated with a trip to Starbucks:)

We also spent a few hours at the river with Gma & pa V. and their jet ski. The kids loved it! The girls even loved it! Luckily a friend was also out on the river and he had a life vest that we borrowed for the girls - as we were a little unprepared...:(

This weekend it has just been the girls hanging at home while the boys are in Spokane at Taylor's hockey camp and for a quick trip to Silverwood on Sunday.

Maylynn has continued to settle in here very good. She is such a sweet heart and not at all the "sassy" girl in China! Her smile just totally lights up her face and she loves to smile:) She also loves to look at books! Praise the Lord! Finally i have a child that will CHOOSE to go and get a book if there is nothing else to do! AMAZING!! I love it:) She also now loves to brush her teeth - this too is amazing b/c i get nothin but moans and groans from everyone else - i just hope it lasts:) The girls are doing a great job falling asleep on their own in their room in their own beds - this makes the bedtime routine much faster! I love it!

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Sue said...

What sweet summer pictures, Maylynn looks so happy. I cant wait to meet her! Jadyn will be ready for playdates in a few weeks!