Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Maylynn RuShui Vickerman
born on April 17, 2007 in Guilin, China

Our first 2 weeks in China with her was a very hard adjustment for her (and us) but since we've been home she has seemed SO happy. We all love her so much and she is so stinkin cute! Here are some of the things that she loves: playing with her brothers and sister, her sister driving her around in the electric jeep, jumping on the trampoline, playing and pouring water in cups etc., throwing the ball to the dog, swinging, going for walks, doing puzzles, reading books, coloring, playing playdough, playing with anything that makes noise especially music, LOVES music and singing!, she now loves taking a bath with bubbles with her sister, eating: watermelon, strawberries, almost any kind of fruit and vegetable, NOODLES!, KETCHUP!, french fries, scrambled eggs - she is really a good eater, almost anything that we put in front of her she is in heaven:)

We have her first Dr. appt. today, which i'm sure will require some blood tests etc... she has a repaired cleft palate and we will find out soon if she will need more surgeries. I am thinking that she will definately need speech therapy.


Barron said...

Welcome Home, So happy she is doing so much better, what a wirl wind for her, we can only imagine what we put our sweet lil darlings through to get them home! Their lives are so ripped to shreds and they have no idea why! Just keep loving her unconditionally, and try always to see the world from her point of view, giving her lots of time and patience, soon this will all be a blur and your family will be stronger and happier than ever! I loved the group picture! Welcome to the family of 6 club!

Kiy said...

Welcome home! I somehow completely missed that you guys left for China. I need to go over and read about your trip. I love your header, you are going to need to restage that one now. :)

Cheers, hope you guys are doing well with the adjustment and jet lag. That the sibs are doing well and sweet Maylynn is making the adjustment to a busy family life well.


Doug and Terrye said...

She is adorable!!! What a blessing to see God soften her heart, and prepare her to come into your family. Those baby steps have added up to monumental leaps!

We made our journey to China in 2006, and Nanning was our first stop. These past 3 years have been some of the greatest of our lives, and we will always be grateful that the Lord took us to China to find our daughter! Thank you for sharing, I was able to relive some of the moments as I read about your journey.

Terrye in FL