Sunday, July 19, 2009

IDT - International Development Tournament

My big boy is gone for 2 weeks to Penticton -Canada. I'm so sad and already miss him not being here... Yesterday, i mentioned to him that i'm going to miss him and he said "yeah mom, i'll miss you to but you better get used to it." WHAT! No- i don't think so! I better not have to get used to it and i hope that i don't have to get used to it but you never know what God has planned for you - my motto is "Never say never..."

Anyway, he is there with some buddies that he is probably going to be playing hockey with this year. He is really excited to develop into a better and more elite player. He definately has the potential but who am i - just his mom and not a professional hockey person! :) He will be eating, breathing and living every minute for the next 2 weeks for hockey! It seems like a great camp/program. They are assigned a team (teammates from his upcoming season) and they have a practice, learn about nutrition, exercise off ice and play a game everyday etc... We will be able to track all stats in "real time" at this website. I think Taylor's team is the Flames.

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