Monday, March 30, 2009

Last week...
So many things happened last week - i'm just going to have to sum them all up in 1 post!

At one of Bray's game this week he got to pitch and catch - he did a great job at catching (maybe he'll be the catcher in our family now since TV can't)

Hayleigh's Blue tongue from a Ring Pop during BV's game...


Taylor pitched a few innings against Carmicheal this week - they won that game - so now they are 2-0.

TV also had a Easter Program that he participated in for the School. He was in charge of the "sound" and had a part in the program - he conducted a "bible knowledge" quiz with the audience - he did a great job. He got a few compliments too:)

I organized a Middle School Spring Social at TV's school - this is the first year that they have Middle School - so there are alot of "firsts". It was really fun:) TV and a couple other girls led a short worship session, we then had TONS of food (TV requested to have sugar cookies that they could decorate - :) so cute:)) We had 2 TV's with Wii's hooked up, a karaoke machine, we played spoons, kick ball and door prizes! So much fun!! I just love those kids:)


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