Saturday, February 28, 2009

Father ~ Daughter Ball

Last night Hayleigh was her daddy's little princess!! We had so much fun painting her nails, making her hair fancy with lots of sparkles and putting on shimmering blush make up on her cheeks (She thought it was pretty special to be able to put her lipstick and her make up in her special purse and to carry it around with her all night!) We had started the beautifying process kind of early ~ i wasn't sure if her hair do would work out okay so i wanted to be sure we had plenty of time. As it turned out, it worked out the first time~i have to say, i was fairly impressed with myself on the updo:):) After her "mini" photo shoot, she was ready to go but it was a bit early. So, Lance took her to the book store before dinner to pick out a book. Their plan then was to go to Mc Donalds and then on to the dance... In the mean time, i was going to take the boys out on a date to Red Robin and the movies. We waited about 20 minutes to sit down and while we waited, i was admiring all of the pretty girls with their daddys. I was wishing that i could see Hayleigh and Lance 1 more time. Well, my wish came true! We were almost done with our dinner and then Lance and Hayleigh were being seated at their table ~ we hollered across the noisy, busy restaurant and they ended up joining us for that last part of our meal. It was so cute seeing them out together having a special night:) They had a great time at the ball. Hayleigh really enjoyed seeing many friends and cousins that she knew! They didn't get home until 10pm!! In the mean time, i had a very special time with my boys!


Dawn said...

She is beautiful...a true princess! I am so glad this was such a memorable night for the whole family.

Sue said...

Ohh how sweet, she looks so beautiful, can you just picture her going to Prom??. Adorable pictures.

Mara said...

The pictures are beautiful, Kirsten. I'm glad you had such a fun, memorable night.