Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Hayleigh!!

Today is Hayleigh's bday! We've had a fun day so far:) We went to gymnastics and had lunch with daddy - after the boys get home we are going to see Santa and look at Christmas lights... She loves looking at the lights:)
Last Friday we had her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's. She had her family and a few good friends join her - she had a blast! I hope to post some pics later...
She is such a sweet heart and definately a spicy girl:). I just love staring at her and can't beleive how much i love her. She is perfect for our family and she keeps us on our toes! Lately, she loves holding hands and telling us that she loves us - just precious:) She is definately maturing and enjoys doing things for herself and helping us too... Since we got our new puppy she has been a wonderful momma to it!

Eventhough, we are celebrating today - we are also praying for Hayleigh's China mommy. This is the 3rd year that i still am so sad for her but am so grateful to God for bringing Hayleigh home to our family.

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