Saturday, October 04, 2008

AHHH... OCTOBER (AKA - Birthday Mania Month!!)

One celebration down and 3-4 more to go! Last night Brayden celebrated his 10th Birthday with 3 very close buddies. This was his last chance for a big party and to invite everyone that he knows but he had in his mind to just invite 3 buddies over to play pokemon and spend the night. It went very well! They had a blast (Lance was in charge of this party since my plate is a little full and he did great! - He is a big kid himself so he knew EXACTLY what to do!) They had a nerf gun war in the backyard and played a game similar to capture the flag. (And yes - Lance played too;)) Then to cake, gifts and Pokemon DS ALL NIGHT LONG! Makenzie went home around 9pm but the boys were up for a VERY LONG time. I am hoping they take a nap today - but i know that they had a fabulous time and Brayden couldn't have been happier with how it turned out - EXCEPT that his long time best buddy Aidan couldn't come at the last minute - b/c his grandma passed away yesterday morning - his family is in our thoughts and prayers.
Tomorrow we will be having a family celebration for Brayden. Then my bday, my dad's bday and Lance's mom's bday is in the next week! YIKES - lots of cake!!



Sounds like fun!! Wow!! you do have lots of birthday's in October, how fun! I love the collages. I want to learn how to make them too!!
have a great night!!

Holloman said...

Happy Birthday everyone!!

Nice job on the collages, Kirsten!