Monday, July 14, 2008

The week of July 7th...

We started the week off with Brayden's Cub Scout's Raingutter Regata Races. The boys really had a great time. As you can see they raced down a raingutter by blowing their boats -it was really cute:)


Then we were off to the 12 yr.old Cal Ripken State Tournament in Kelso, WA. The team did a great job! They really played their hearts out! Taylor did a an awesome job too. He had 1 homerun in the first game and did absolutely awesome pitching - i was very proud of him! For the first time in the past few years the tournament was single elimination instead of double elimination which means if you lose 1 time then you are out of the tournament - which i didn't think was right... but who am i - just a mom:) Anyway, the boys won all of their games - they made it to the semi-finals and were playing great. We thought for sure they would make it to the championship game! Unfortunately, the 1st inning the team gave up 2 runs on some errors:( and they couldn't make it up - We lost by 1 run!! :( it was very sad... KN really is a better team then the one who beat us.

So, now baseball is over and i have my husband back to myself again:) And my big boy is getting in shape for hockey - we aren't exactly sure what he's going to do with hockey yet...

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