Thursday, July 24, 2008


That's surely what we have needed! This summer has been surprisingly more busy than i had expected. So, we did a few things this week to make sure we had fun!

Although, last week the boys had fun fishing with their gpa. They each had their own day and had fun. Taylor went fishing in the Yakima, so he didn't keep any of his fish but he had a great time paddling the boat and floating the Yakima like his dad used to do... While Brayden went fishing in the columbia the next day in a nice big, shady boat. Brayden didn't catch as many as Taylor but he was able to bring a 15" salmon home that he caught - Lance really enjoyed eating it!

This week we tried out our new tag-a-long bike for Hayleigh to ride on - it was passed on to us by the Goodwins -(thanks Goodwin Family!) We rode to the library - it was great fun! Hayleigh is constantly bugging us to "do it again!"

Today, we packed up went to Hermiston for some fun in the water!

Brayden and Aiden were little fish and wouldn't ever look at me for a picture - so this is what we saw most of the time:) Aiden is in the blue shirt on the left and Brayden on the right...

Taylor and Eric had fun doing what 7th graders do to have fun - ?????

Hayleigh LOVED the slides - She would go down the big slide by herself with someone to help catch her at the bottom - many times she got flipped around but she was thrilled!!!

Hayleigh also enjoyed floating the river with Elizabeth - she was going non stop! She wore me out:):) But we had fun, fun, fun!!!!

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