Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Crawly things update... and more

First of all, both of our geckos have died:( I've heard that they are hard to keep alive - bummer! Taylor has decided that he doesn't want another one but we will be soon getting a Max II.

Secondly, Today Taylor found this humungous spider in the garage!! it was creepy! it was too big to step on and too big to just let go... So i was very couragous and captured it! Actually, i just got a disposable container and trapped it - we made sure to put a VERY big rock on it so it wouldn't get away. As soon as Lance got home we carefully contained it in the container!! Lance gave it to Eric on his team - he collects bugs and knows alot about them. They thought that it might just be a jerusalem cricket but after we researched it some more tonight i think it was a Solifugae (otherwise known as: Solpugids, Wind scorpions, Camel spiders, Sun spiders or Child of the Earth spiders!! I will be researching it some more - i am worried that there is more where that one came from and we arent' quite sure were exactly it did come from in our garage!!! Here is a picture of it - it was WILD!!

On another note - Brayden did great at his track meet tonight. He did the 50m hurdles in 9.05 seconds; the 50 m dash in 8.47 seconds and his longest jump was 10' 5.5" - i think that is amazingly awesome!!

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