Sunday, June 29, 2008

PROUD! I am just so proud of Brayden - What an incredible experience for him! It brought tears to my eyes just watching him down on the track field with so many other talented kids running so incredibly fast!!!

My mom and Hayleigh joined us for the trip. We left on Friday after T.'s bball game - of course, we stopped in North Bend at the Toy shop and at the Children's Place (the Children's place had a fabulous sale going! - i got several pairs of jeans to send to Harmony Outreach for 2.99 each!!) We headed to the Hershey Family picnic to check in. B. got a tshirt and other memorabilia things. We had a free BBQ and games for awhile but B. really wanted to get to the hotel to check in. He was pretty excited that we were they just because of him:) We went swimming which was a treat for him b/c usually i DO NOT swim when we travel! So he knew that this was a specialty:):):)

Saturday we were off to the track in Olympia. There were TONs of people there and it was organized perfectly! Hats off to the organizers - they did a great job - even free cotton candy!!!:) There was opening ceremonies with National Anthem and the parade of athletes. There was only about 10 kids from the Tri-Cities that showed up. They paraded out on the track and everyone cheered:) Here is a little bit of the opening ceremony...

****I am having tech. difficulties - video will hopefully be here later:)****

Brayden's first event was the 400m. He was in the 4th heat. I think that he was a bit confused and didn't realized that he was really competing against the clock and not the kids in his heat. I'm not sure what "place" he got but he improved his time to 1:25.95. He did great and finished 2nd in his heat but not fast enough for Hershey, PA...

His next event was the 100m dash. He got to race with his friend Dylan. They did great too but did not place in the top 8. There were a few heats on this race too. Brayden's last event was the Standing Long Jump. He did great! He jumped 5'10.5 - i was amazed! We knew that he was pretty close to placing in that event so we aksed the officials if they could tell us if we should stay around for the awards or if we could get started on our 5 hr. trip home. They said that he missed 8th place by 1/2 and inch!! BUMMER!!! **** i hope to have video here later too**** I was also extremely proud of how he was such a GREAT sport - he wasn't dissappointed in not placing or not winning - he was just happy to be there!!!

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