Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brayden's 1 Mile Fun Runs...

Last weekend Brayden, Hayleigh and myself participated in the Liz Duncan Memorial Run. Apparently, Liz died 1 yr. ago while running in the Seattle area but was a great inspiration to many people and loved to run. The family and friends that put together the race did a great job - we hope to do it again next year. It was at Howard Amon park. I pushed H. in the stroller and we REALLY held B. up - he WAS NOT HAPPY!! I felt really bad for him but i wasn't sure what to expect and if he'd know when to turn around etc... His time was 11:09 - which i thought was great! Here is a picture of him playing around before the race - i wasn't able to get one of him finishing because i was about 2 minutes behind him and he was very crabby afterwards:(
Today - Brayden did the "Spring into Fun" run this morning and did a great job! He didn't have anyone to run with but that was probably good because he had an awesome time - 8:26! Lance and H. walked up to the turn around before the race started to be sure all was well - and T. and I stayed at the clock to get a picture!

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