Monday, March 31, 2008

Upward Basketball - the Season is over...

This is Brayden's team that he was on. He had a great time playing! I am so amazed at how well he has improved this year! Basketball seemed to have "clicked" - he sure was an awesome hustler on the court! His team was also a great group of kids!

This was the first year that we participated on an Upward Team. It is a Christian based league and was coordinated by Kennewick Baptist church. The kids were encouraged to memorize bible verses for every practice, show good sportsmanship, Christ likeness and several other things to earn "iron-on" stars, they prayed before every game, they got an awesome jerseys & T-shirt, a team picture, an awards dinner and banquet and a very cool basketball! We were very impressed! We hope to participate again next year - our only desire is that the season start a wee bit earlier... the past few weeks have conflicted with baseball and soccer.

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