Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pinewood Derby Day!!

Today was Brayden's first experience with the Pinewood Derby - ours too:) He was pretty excited about it. He did about 99% of the work on his car - he designed it, sanded, and painted it! He was all set!! After about 5 minutes of being at the church and taking a look at all of the fancy cars, it was so sad to see how his confidence and excitement began to waiver. He wanted to hide his car in his box but i assured him that his was absolutely perfect because i knew what kind of work that HE put into it and not his dad:) So, this is a picture before the races with his car... it was really hard to get a smile:(
Well, the time came for his den to race! He was quick to get in line and was in the 2nd group to race and here it is...

Can you believe it!! He got 1st place in that run!!! He was soooo excited! He got about 9 more first place finishes, as well as, several 2nd and 3rd places too:) Then it was time to judge the cars for most Creative, most Unusual design, and Unique Paintjob. Well, he won a little medal for the Unique Paintjob... And as you can see here he ended the event in all SMILES!!!!

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